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Apologies for the late post- maybe it will explain the difficulties.

When I first saw “Technology in the Law Practice” in the course catalog I was not sure what it entailed. However, being that it was regarding technology, I figured it would be a good thing to look into considering I can use all the help I can get regarding the use of it. While I have used technology most of my life, I have never been the skilled in its use. Of course I can do all basics—word documents, a bit in excel, and basic powerpoint options. I can even set backgrounds and kind of make flyers (not the best looking) when necessary. If you ask my grandparents, they would even go as far as to say I am great with computers, being that I can re-connect them to their wifi network and set desktop icons. However, there are many things I feel I should be able to do and I want to learn.

I have never been too savvy with computers. In fact, I take all notes by hand. In undergrad I was that one student when given an online exam that would opt-in for the professor offer to take it in hard-copy.  I have even considered taking finals here at UC by hand until learning just how much and how fast one must write. I print everything professors post on TWEN (sorry trees) and even often write letters to friends/family. Before law school I would only use my computer once a week or less. However, now that I have been through one year of outlining on computers, checking assignments online through email and TWEN, taking exams on computers, and getting dozens of emails a day from the school, I decided it was time to take fuller advantage of the technology I have available.

I am not sure how often lawyers use technology on a daily basis, but with the use of email, online research engines like Lexis and Westlaw, and networking through LinkedIn, I bet it is a lot. This summer I interned with the Campbell County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office and found myself using technology a lot. Whether it was for legal research, drafting motions, finding out information on defendants, or emailing attorneys in that office and elsewhere, I realized it is a much more essential part of the profession than I had ever imagined. To be honest, there were even times this summer I wished I had known more about the uses of a computer.

I am hoping after taking this course I will learn better techniques on the computer and be able to take advantage of things I should be as a professional in the legal community. I want to be able to use LinkedIn efficiently, feel comfortable taking notes with a computer rather than needing a pen, and utilize different sites such as Prezi. I am already learning a lot through the few Legal Tech Audit lessons I have completed and I am excited to learn more. Who knows, maybe next semester I will even begin taking notes on my computer! Probably not, but you never know.

-Alyssa Miller