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New Tech Available to Lawyers

We all know of online social media services available to lawyers such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, but what other types of technological products and services are available?  For today’s blog post, I decided to take a look and see what kinds of technological tools I could find available to lawyers, many of which can be accessed simply by having a connection to the internet.

The website paperlesschase.com offers a great overview of the different types of technological tools that are available to lawyers.  Aside from online books, there are also different services, software, hardware, websites, and apps that are available to lawyers, all of which can be purchased or accessed online.  Not only does paperlesschase.com list those different categories, but it gives you different examples of what each of those categories means.

One service available to lawyers online that the site discusses is what is called GoToMeeting.  GoToMeeting provides online meetings or webinars made easy. The service allows lawyers to hold online meetings with clients when there is a need to discuss documents or otherwise talk about things that need to be shown as well as talked about.

In terms of software, one example paperlesschase.com gives is a program called 1Password.  1Password is a password managing software.  One of the best ways to have protection against hackers getting access to all your online services is to have different passwords for each website. A password manager lets you do this in a way that’s easy and convenient.

One of the last things that paperlesschase.com talks about is different types of hardware that are available to lawyers as well.  While some types of hardware seem more obvious, one that I hadn’t considered before is a secure USB.   The Ironkey secure 2GB USB drive is a USB key that allows secure file storage, and it is not accessible without a password. Ironkey also uses its own secure network for anonymous browsing via the included browser.

The website gives many other examples of each type of category I have discussed which is why I highly recommend that you check it out for yourself.  It also gives examples of different websites, apps and online books available to lawyers, as well as tips for mac users.  Overall the website is very informative and a great source for different technological tools that can be utilized by lawyers.

Matthew Gioello