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Conclusion Post

Being as this is the last blog post of the semester, I only find it fitting that it be a summary/conclusion of the entire semester. I ended up really enjoying this class and learning a lot. I would like to specifically address our trips to the courthouse, and the final project.

As for the visits to the courthouse, I learned so much that is actually practical knowledge. Our first visit, in which we went to the courthouse law library, was super fun. I had once wondered into the library while bored, waiting for a hearing to finish. I did not know exactly what it was– besides probably a library– and if I was even allowed to be in there. It was so beautiful I stay for a minute and then promptly left. After going for this class and learning that it was open for use I was amazed. I think that is a great place and a great resource for the law community. As for the technology in the courtrooms, I found that very interesting as well. Although I missed the beginning due to bus issues (oops) I still learned a lot. For instance, I never realized how specific the technology the lawyers bring has to be. It also never occurred to me that you would have to meet with the bailiff in advance to make sure your technology was adequate for the courtroom.

As for the final project, I really liked the broad scope of what is required. Different areas of the law require knowledge on different aspects of technology and I think it is beneficial that we each got so much leeway in our topic. For example, I was able to write my portion of the paper and do my portion of the presentation on how predators use social media to find victims and how law enforcement uses social media to catch said predators. This has been a topic that has interested me for some time. In undergrad, one of my professors was an adjunct criminal justice professor who was also an FBI agent for the cyber crimes unit. Although he had told us what he did, I never knew the exact details and legalities of all of it. Although I could have been ambitious and looked it up sometime in the past 3 years since I took his course, this project was finally my opportunity to learn the ins and outs of it.

As you can probably tell, the courthouse visits and the final project were by far my favorite parts of the course. However, I really enjoyed almost, if not all, of the things we covered this semester. I am really glad I decided to take this course and fully engage throughout the semester. I know it would have been easy to get by without doing the readings posted on blackboard and taking time to explore all of the different sites, but I am really glad I did not skip over them. I have learned an abundant amount about websites, techniques, and practices involving technology in the law practice.

Thank you, Shannon and Ken.

Alyssa Miller