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Eliminate the Risks of Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is one of the newest and most useful pieces of technology that has become available to lawyers over the years.  While video conferencing is extremely helpful to lawyers for various reasons such as allowing them to converse with clients and other lawyers easily and from anywhere, are there any potential risks involved with doing so? An article titled “Video Conferencing: Don’t Take Risks with Your Sensitive Data” on vcaglobal.com discusses ways that you can help reduce possible risks associated with video conferencing.

Due to the the vast availability of laptops, tablets and other personal devices today, many employees bring their own devices to work.  Because of this, “there is an even bigger incentive to allow your staff to use cloud services for video conferencing.” Id.  While cloud-based software is great in terms of employee productivity, it also brings privacy and security concerns to your organization.

One of the first ways the article provides to reduce such concerns is for your company to have a firm and clear security policy for all employees, and that device encryption is a must.  “Next, in order to make sure data is private and users are secure, your company must place your system behind a firewall and use a gatekeeper or session border controller.” Id.  Finally, the article states that you do not want to “allow your employees to use just any application that offers video conferencing.” Id.  The VCA can design and install systems that will ensure your company’s security.

Matthew Gioiello