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The Correlation Between Firm Success and Tech Use

In 2015, 56% of top performing firms in a study conducted by InvestmentNews indicated that they planned to increase their tech spending.  In the same study, only 2% of top performing firms indicated that they planned to decrease their tech spending.  The cause for this?  The benefit big law firms are deriving from utilizing the latest technology, and the attribution of success over the competition to these technologies.

Big firms are using technology not only for pragmatic purposes and efficiency, but to stay ahead of the competition through promotion and exposure.  Firms are attracting clientele through social media and the internet like never before, both of which allow clients to explore a variety of firms and attorneys to find the best fit for themselves, as well as providing clients who may be unfamiliar with their local legal landscape with options they would likely not come across on their own.  Law blogs serve as another incredibly useful tool for lawyers and firms alike, who are able to write about topics that are currently relevant, or that are up and coming, through personal and firm-based blog sites.  Blogging regularly can give attorneys a chance to establish a knowledgable and credible reputation with employers, as well as clientele, and give them an opportunity to voice their opinions and perspectives on modern day legal issues and topics.  Likewise, blogs can be beneficial for clients who benefit from reading up on issues that may be pertinent to their lives or cases.

A third way firms can boost success through utilizing technology is through digitizing paperwork and utilizing online databases and libraries.  Making the switch from paper filing to digitization is a huge saver of firm resources, and could cut down on time and money for attorneys themselves, as well as cut back on staffing costs, through lessening the need for some administrative staff, who organize and keep track of paper filing.  Additionally, law apps have come into play as a new form of legal technology.

Having an app can allow a firm to connect with their clientele in a more convenient mobile capacity than phone or video calls, and keep clients connected on the go.  A particularly useful feature on many firm apps is a fee/ tax calculator, which allows clients to calculate the projected figures of their legal fees at different points in their cases or law suits.  Since apps, in general, have become such a widely utilized resource, firms with apps often appear on the cutting edge of legal technology, whether their app has been custom-designed, or simply constructed on an online app platform.

Marisah Ali