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Amazon is taking over the world, whether you realize it or not.

Antitrust law’s most important problem of today is Amazon. In the past the law itself has yet to challenge Amazon because it has been doing exactly what it is suppose to do: becoming more competitive on the market with the use of innovation. However, the internet giant has recently acquired one of the leading food supermarkets in the U.S.: Whole Foods. Therefore, federal anti-trust review will surely evaluate the new merger. But with the Trump administration in place, it would seem unlikely there will be any objection to it.

According to Olivia LaVecchia & Stacy Mitchell, “Amazon now captures 46% of online shopping, with its share growing faster than the sector as a whole.” Nearly most online buyers will go to Amazon first before making purchases. Making Amazon one of the most trusted companies. In a way Amazon’s position has shaped what Anti-Trust law has become. So, you ask why? Why doesn’t Anti-Trust law do anything to Amazon? The heart of the issue is the fact that Amazon fits awkwardly in what’s legal or not because such a force was not anticipated.

Also, Amazon has successfully slipped through the cracks under the government’s scrutiny because it’s focus has always been making products more affordable. ¬†Whole Foods priced has drastically dropped to become more competitive with the other supermarkets like War-Mart and Krogers. However, even with these favorable price cuts, we are left with these essential questions: should Anti-Trust laws become more rigorous? What should the law identify as a threat in the competitive market? Finally, should we permit Amazon in attaining this much control of the market?

-Vishal Noticewala