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Premonition is a newly developed, highly discussed solution with artificial intelligence to legal research.  An archival database, premonition is a technology that is projected to help lawyers strategize the best approach to winning cases, due to examining large pools of previous cases and their outcomes that will be housed within the system’s mainframe.  Premonition, through its use of artificial intelligence, is a Webster for lawyers. It is a resource that supposedly has every answer, and every projection for any case worked within a firm, due to its in depth analysis of previous court records and documents. It can project similar trends with input and relevant data.  Premonition, is a major game changer, just in its housing base of the realm of storage that the technology holds; the access level is equivalent to what a team of paralegals would take weeks to find as they scanned through legal resource after resource.  Founded by CEO Guy Kurlandski, Premonition does what the outsourced law firm or paralegal team does through their lengthy and costly hourly billing with more effectiveness and reliability.

The statistics housed in Premonition help to project competent strategies for legal defense and argument.  It also showcases litigation data, to allow clients or smaller firms to see the stats for specific attorneys, as in the cases they’ve tried, and how many they have won, the documents or strategies used in those cases.  Success rates for individual attorneys and the firms they represent are housed in the artificial intelligence of this software, aiding in the selection of the best person for the relevant case, identifying weak points in strategy and where the less logical, but more precedent-setting nonconformist method should be implemented in case development. The software is said to affect stock projection and retention rate for larger firms, due to its accuracy in depiction.

PR Newswire greatly identified how the technology of Premonition “mines big data” in digging through thousands of archives to find the exact answer to a given legal dilemma.  It’s Google for litigators, a natural antithesis to the lengthy and costly, traditional manner in which law firms win cases—through long hours pouring over ancient legal texts and documents, scanning for months for the right data.  Many see this data as game changing and have sought to invest in more than just dollars and cents.  The impressiveness of the storehouse of AI just harpoons this pioneer into the big leagues, a progenitor in its field it seems, just as Apple revolutionized the smart phone and the idea of how we communicate, Premonition is creating a new standard for statistical research and systemizing projected outcomes for legal firms.  


Darrell Kelly