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How Important is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is an underutilized resource. There are many people who have made a LinkedIn profile but are inactive. Having a LinkedIn account is basically having your resume online in the form of social media. Your profile is an easy way for potential employers to view your credentials while also looking at your activities and connections. When a potential employer sees mutual connections, they could potentially reach out to the mutual connection and inquire about you.

Potential employers also check for activity on LinkedIn. Keeping active by posting, sharing, and liking things on LinkedIn will help show potential employers what kind of topics interests you and get to know you better by seeing what kinds of activity you show on your profile. LinkedIn members who create their profile and do not stay active, might as well just not have a profile at all. The whole purpose of having a profile is show your network, potential network and potential employers, who you are and what you do.

Many members who create profiles often forget to update them. If you do not update your profile frequently, it is as though you neglect to update your resume and there could be statements on there that are not true. To avoid criticism and scrutiny, it is important to keep your profile information up to date at all times.

Imagine you are an aspiring author. You have all of the tools needed to succeed as an author such as a pen, pencil, notebooks, computer and wonderful, creative ideas. However, you don’t utilize your network of publishers, editors, and when someone walks into your office, there isn’t a single book present. Your space should speak as to who you are as an author. If what is visibly present seems outdated and bare, what does that say about you as a professional? How are you supposed to succeed as an author if you are unable to invite a potential reader of your new novel into your office and have nothing but a desk with a computer on it? How do you see yourself capturing an audience if you are not out in the community, showing your activity, or promoting your novel? You miss out on so much when you do not utilize the resources that are presented to you. You have all of these resources at your fingertips but leave them to be forgotten.

The same thing happens when you are a professional who doesn’t utilize their LinkedIn profile. It may seem tedious and minor, but there are many professionals who strongly believe that if you are not on LinkedIn, then you just simply do not exist in the professional world. If you are not active on LinkedIn, you can miss out on so many opportunities. By not being active on LinkedIn, your profile might as well just not exist. These days, social media has taken over the way things work in the world. Technology has made the professional world fast pace and easy to access. LinkedIn is one of the most important and useful online tools a professional can have. It provides an easy way for your network, your potential network, and any future employers to access to your credentials with a click and learn about you through your profile. Many employers will look at a LinkedIn account during the hiring process and the profile viewed will play a crucial role in forming the employer’s impression on who you are as a professional.

-Jessica Nguyen