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Smart PaTH

When working with Thompson Hine through an internship last summer, I gained a good deal of knowledge and experience of what it is to actually work in a law firm.  Through my work there, I encountered a great store of new techniques, measures of practicing law, and fairly ingenious methods of technology that were incorporated into the preparation and execution of some of the cases.  One such technology is SmartPaTH, a dossier archive, so to speak, of information, a consolidated technology through which the firm managed and delivered its services to our clients.  This registry that systemized all of the firm’s data helped with Legal Project Management, pricing, efficiency, and staffing. The technology projects to clients what their case will likely cost them, along with enabling the firm to see how much manpower and how many hours may need to be spent on a particular case (Thompson Hine).

SmartPaTH has been quoted to simplify and regulate the strategic process for Thompson Hine, giving a precursory view of the resources needed for a case, to providing an optimal manner in which to undergo logistics and staffing to optimize the value of the firm for prospective clients.  Not only is the level of use for the Firm’s resources projected through this technology, saving the firm money and time, but this technology also evaluated risk, assessing factors that might lead to unpredictability in outcomes for trying a given strategy for the cases employed.  It even gives a summation at the end of tried cases, critiquing pros and cons of the strategy in order to best perform for the next case.  The economizing and outlining of this technology is invaluable and creates an in-house aggregate analytic system for the firm to regulate successes and failures.

The amp this provides to portfolio supervision for the firm is impressive, rendering a service to both firm and client in its management.  This technology is to Thompson Hine what the assembly line was to Ford, or what the speedy system was to McDonald’s; allowing for high-volume processing in relative efficiency.  Extra steps in the legal process are eliminated, modernization simplifying and organizing every action of this renowned firm.  Mapping progression, ceasing run-on cases and unexpected costs, this budgeting effort is magnanimous in its service.


-Darrell Kelly