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Artificial Intelligence In The Legal Profession

In the rapidly evolving technological landscape of today, many young people choosing a trade or profession are forced to think about how replaceable that job might be in the future. There’s a large movement towards utilizing technology, specifically artificial intelligence, to handle many of the tasks that have traditionally been performed by humans.


This is something we already see to a degree in the legal profession (automation of certain facets of e-discovery, for example), but just how far could it go in our lifetime? Well, the good news is that most experts in the field agree that it is unlikely that AI ever replaces the need for lawyers. However, AI could radically change the way certain tasks in the legal field are done. Things like workflow management and calculation, as well as more complex and “futuristic” tasks such as predicting likely outcomes of litigation are all possible with advances in artificial intelligence technology.


Adding more technologically advanced methods of analyzing data is something that is being seen in many professions in recent years, and is even commonplace in fields like accounting and other IT dependent lines of work. If AI can help prevent the next data breach at a large firm, or prevent clients and firms from spending tens of thousands of dollars on what is predicted to be frivolous litigation, lawyers aren’t in any danger of being replaced, but instead stand to benefit greatly from the potential developments that lie ahead.

-Brandon Ellis


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