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This may seem trivial, but anything that can contribute to making a law professional’s day more efficient is worth incorporating into his daily routine.  As an Apple user, I have several products, including my Mac laptop.  Therein, I have made use of the dictating software on my Mac, which saves ample time instead of handwriting notes from lectures.  The speed of dictation versus pad and paper or even typing is astronomical, advantageous, and something that I have made use of even during my internships.  The Mac, of course, can use my voice to do various commands, but, entering into my third year of UC law, I find that it has proven best in the time it saves when either taking notes through dictation, or reviewing said notes after lecture.  I have seen dictating software used by mentors in the field, and, I hope for there to be more advancements within this particular software as I progress through my career.

For those who do not have a Mac, at least iPhone users, there are several apps that allow the ease of dictation for working legal professionals.  One prime example is Rev; just as with my Alexa or Siri, Rev is something I use when I am busy doing something else, working to multi-task, bringing efficiency into my home office, so to speak, or when I’m walking in between classes or, the hands-free technology allows me to dictate thoughts from class safely when I drive to work, never having to take my eyes off the road.  Rev is just as proficient in managing my time with my workload, and I find it invaluable when I don’t have the time to carry around my Mac.  

Google Docs voice typing has been great, and I have suggested its use during group projects, saving ample time and being economical with our resources, as many of the employers I have worked for are paperless, I found translating such eco-efficiency into my group assignments as more than simply environmentally-friendly.  The transcription is like having a robo-secretary, always ready to lend a hand to make things a little less stressful for me.  Every bit helps and, the time I save with dictation allows me to really focus on my thoughts, reflecting on my studies, and contributing the best of myself within these early stretches of my career.


     -Darrell Kelly