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New UC Law Building Should Be Centered On Technology

I am very excited to learn that the University of Cincinnati has unveiled plans for the proposed new building of our College of Law, and that work on the new building will begin in the fall of 2019 and complete in 2021 if UC Board of Trustees approve the plan later this month.[1] Although the new building will probably not be ready for use until at least three years after my graduation from the Law School, I would like the new building to provide the most conducive environment for legal teaching and learning. After all, my life will forever be connected to the building because of my affiliation with the Law School both us as a student and a future proud alumnus.

In fact, I believe that the new building will provide a unique opportunity for UC Law to be ahead of the pack in terms of utilization of modern technology in law schools. UC law could achieve this feat by creatively developing an identity centered on modern technology. For example, the new building should have, at its heart, a technology room stuffed with the most current technological devices that will allow students, staff, and faculty to actively interact with the outside world in real time. And to affirm our commitment to technology and reveal our awareness of the entwinement of law and technology in our time, we may even add “technology”¬† to our name, so that instead of “University of Cincinnati College of Law,” we will have “University of Cincinnati College of Law & Technology.”

I believe that such an initiative will enhance teaching and learning in the Law School as well as attract the most innovative individuals to UC Law. It will also bring the Law School closely in touch with its various stakeholders both within UC and outside. With a vibrant technological presence, UC law will efficiently reach every nook and cranny of the world and continue to advance our legacy of excellence, innovation, and service to the world.  Also, with a technology centered campus, any concerns about detachment from the business communities of downtown Cincinnati will be assuaged because virtual communication between the Law School and the business communities will be enhanced significantly. I therefore encourage UC Law stakeholders to put technology at the center of the new College of Law building.

-Musah Abubakar

[1] Rachel Richardson, UC unveils plans for new College of Law home, UC Magazine, available at http://magazine.uc.edu/editors_picks/recent_features/collegeoflawhome.html.