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Law Firm Apps

The number of IPhone users has increased over the years, and with that increase, there has been a significant increase in app use across all generations. People download apps all the time–whether it be to play games, listen to music, or stay updated on the news. However, law firm apps are not as popular as some other apps. But, many firms, especially solo practitioners, are finding a great use for them.

One attorney, in particular, Gabriel Cheong, has created an app to serve as a functional tool. Cheog, a divorce attorney, recently created a Massachusetts divorce app for his clients, prospective clients, and others for only $.99 per download. This app has enabled Cheong to enhance awareness of his firm and increase business. (http://www.lawtechnologytoday.org/2013/03/law-firm-app-extravaganza/). Lawyers are able to use these apps to strengthen relationships with their clients by relating to them via technology. One app also serves as a client portal, where clients are able to make online payments, contact personnel, and access court resources. The app is free for clients, which makes it more attractive for clients to use.

Building a law firm app is no easy task however. It takes time and money, especially if the firm wants to generate more clients from app usage, they may have to hire professionals to ensure client security as well as address other concerns a layperson many not be able to consider. (http://www.lawtechnologytoday.org/2013/03/law-firm-app-extravaganza/).

The legal industry, however, is noticing a boom in the number of apps being created amongst law firms. One research that looked at the top 300 law firms by revenue showed that 80% of the law firm mobile apps on app stores were created or updated in 2016 or 2017, which means that recently firms have been increasing their usage of such technology to attract more clients. (http://www.kimtasso.com/mobile-apps-in-law-firms/). More law firms may be joining this trend, and if they do not, then they may risk not attracting as many clients, so it may be in their best interest to join the trend to adopt law firm apps.



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Law Firm App Extravaganza

     -Ronique Padda