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New Law School Tech

Now that the new law school has been approved by the Board of Trustees, it is important the technology within the school matches the need for today’s law student.  The advantages of tech will allow for remote participation in class. It will allow for more activities to be done within the classroom. It, in theory, should improve grades since the lectures will be available 24,7

As I think back on my 1L year, video recording in every classroom would have been helpful.  Each classroom should enable faculty to record and stream video of their lectures, along with content from the podium computer or a laptop. Faculty should also have the ability use special capture software on their personal computers or laptops to record a presentation for later viewing by students. This technology can also be used for keeping a record of none class events and can be used commercially for profit as other organizations can rent the space.

The courtrooms should be outfitted with similar technology. Courtrooms should have video and audio recording equipment as well as podiums with computers and laptop connections. They should also have a document camera. Seminar rooms should have projectors and a computer that allows for group review of lectures.  Even study rooms should be outfitted with monitors and laptop connections. These improvements will help with the overall success of students.


     -Darrell Kelly