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Final Blog Post

In these final weeks of the semester, I thought this blog post would be a good opportunity to take a step back and reflect on this course. Like most people my age, I grew up around technology, but wouldn’t consider myself tech-savvy. This course not only gave me a great overview of many facets of technology that I was not familiar with, but also provided very practical advice in terms of how to take advantage of the tools available to the 21st century lawyer.

One of the most helpful lessons in the course for me was learning about the different features of social media that can be utilized in a professional manner. I had used Linkedin some prior to the class, but only really understood the basics. Many of the features available on the site I was unaware of. I also underestimated how important it is to maintain an updated profile that is easily searched and read by potential employers. With this knowledge I feel confident that I can make myself more employable as well as effectively maintain connections with colleagues and other contacts.

Additionally, the lesson about cybersecurity was invaluable. Moving forward as a profession, lawyers will need to be cognizant of the dangers that exist involving potential hacks or interception of confidential client communication. Learning how to install and successfully use an email encryption software, for instance, or learning how a VPN works and why one should consider using it, are facts that will surely become commonplace as technology progresses, but having taken this course I can consider myself ahead of the curve on these fresh developments.

Overall, I would choose to take the course again in a heartbeat, and will not hesitate to recommend it to my colleagues, in the hopes that the future generation of law professionals will as a whole be more technologically literate. I’m thankful to the instructors for the time they put into the lessons and assignments, and will certainly use much of what I learned in this course moving forward.

-Brandon Ellis