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Sanctuary Cities

Federal law can work wonders or cause continued devastation for groups and individuals through implementation or denial, respectively, court-ordered injunctions.  Such is the case with a grant program in Chicago that hones in on Sanctuary Cities.  Under the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program, Chicago, Illinois had hoped to use the funds but was met with resistance from the Department of Justice.  Due to the supposed lack of communication with the plans for immigration within the city, Chicago tried and failed to bring about an injunction in order to continue its goals.  As Sanctuary Cities are pivotal grounds for immigrants who are indeed seeking Sanctuary, Chicago representatives would have hoped to prevail in their injunction due to lack of adequate support.

Federal deportation comparative to the community plea for long term members who are undocumented persons within the country has seen much discussion with the Trump administration and, the president’s constant anti-immigration propaganda fails to recognize the humanity of these persons who may have called these Sanctuary Cities home for years.  The Sanctuary Movement, supported by liberals, feared and prosecuted by conservatives and Trump supporters, hardly has as much foundation as would be required to pay tribute to the historical fact that this nation was built upon the work of a nation of immigrants. Despite the Republican Convention, it is hoped that many might see the benefits that immigration has in culturally advancing many Americans.  

Being falsely termed “criminal illegal alien” is not the proper manner in which this country ought to greet members of other nations who may be looking to America for a new beginning, a new home.   Sanctuary Cities seem to be the only bit of heart and homage that America currently has with respect to the histories of this country.

Darrell Kelly