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Stop Not Slacking

I can be very disorganized sometimes. I recently discovered a way to be more organized and have everything in one place to improve communications with other people. For the first ever, I believe it is okay to slack now and again. Slack technologies has developed a cloud-based set of team collaboration tools. Slack was founded by Stewart Butterfield, and has been around since 2014. The program started as an internal tool used by a company, but now can be used by others.

It is considered to be the fastest growing business application in history. It is mainly a great tool for team building and improves team communication because of the way everything is organized on the app. Businesses in over 100 countries are using slack. Slack’s website notes that discussions of team members are organized into channels, so there is a place for every project, team or department. A group can create a channel for the next project, like planning the next offsite. The website also highlights other features of Slack. Slack combines apps that users already use, but this is shared with other members that are included on the Slack chat group.

Once the group has been using Slack regularly, the users can gather information that becomes available and searchable after being indexed, giving the team access to the collective knowledge of the company. The app is free to use.

Why is Slack relevant to law firms? Well, Slack has become a popular option for law firms to improve on communications within departments. Important features of Slack help protect client confidentiality and other things that are essential for law firms to consider, as the main duty for lawyers is to their clients. Slack includes an accounting of data encryption at transit and at rest, and includes a variety of security measures to ensure seriousness of data security. Slack also has a client portal feature, and Slack provides external legal groups to join if one is interested.

I am never amazed at the number of apps and technological advancements out there. The legal industry will continuously change as new technologies emerge, making sure firms are using secure and updated features as to not lag behind in a technological era.



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-Ronique Padda